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Red grease feitin er kjörinn á ýmsan vélbúnað s.s. gíra, legur, lamir, keðjur o.fl.

Efnið er hitaþolið (allt að 260 °C ) og þolir mikinn þrýsting. Smureiginleikarnir eru góðir og langvarandi auk þess sem efnið veitir góða tæringarvörn gegn ryði.

Berkebile Red Grease spreybrúsi

  • BERKEBILE 2+2® RED GREASE... is aluminum complex EP grease, which is specifically designed to apply as a thin film, then set up as a thick grease once the solvent quickly evaporates. Recommended for use on machinery, gears, cables, bearings, chains, hinges, etc...


    • A Premium Grade Aluminum Complex EP Red Grease in an AEROSOL CAN! 
    • Dispenses as a thin liquid, solvent evaporates, setting up Berkebile 2+2® Red Grease in hard-to-reach areas! 
    • Provides deep, penetrating action, with long lasting protection! 
    • Will not break down, harden, or separate, even at extreme pressures or temperatures! 
    • Provides excellent rust protection!
    • Resists heat up to 500°F!

    Directions for Use


    For proper spraying, can should be at room temperature (about 72˚F / 22˚C.). Shake can until mixing balls rattle freely inside, then continue shaking about 5 seconds longer. Remove protective cap. For pinpoint application or to get into hard-to-reach areas, firmly insert extension tube into hole in sprayer. Hold can upright, press firmly on spray button, and apply grease where desired. 

    *  Always use in a well-ventilated area.


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