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HS2000e er flaggskipið frá Propex. Frábær miðstöð þar sem hægt er að nota gas eða tengja beint í rafmagn.

Gasmiðstöð - Propex HS2000e

  • Propex HS2000E Heater – The Gas & Mains Blown Air Heater

    The Propex HS2000E heater is an automatic thermostatically controlled blown air heating system fuelled by propane/ butane gas or 230V mains electric.



    Propex Heatsource blown air systems are used in many applications throughout the world, these include: Motorhomes, Caravans, Boats, Cranes, Horseboxes, Trucks, and RVs



    The HS2000E is supplied as standard with a solid state electronic thermostat which automatically switches the unit on and off to maintain the desired temperature. When the room temperature drops below the selected level, the Heatsource will automatically ignite and run until the cabin reaches the selected temperature.


    Easy to install

    The thermostat is an easy to fit surface mount design and integrates with the new electronics fitted to the HS2000E heaters. Simple intuitive controls enable easy switching between the gas and electric modes and a constant heater feedback loop enable quick and easy system diagnose. Selectable electric hook up power levels easily ensures you do not over load your available supply.

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