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Flottur ljóskastari frá Tralert. Jumbo er þróaður fyrir 

erfiðustu aðstæður og býður val um hvít og gult ljós. 



Make your truck or 4x4 unique with The Infinity, this oval headlamp in LED with daytime running lights is built to excel in functionality and quality in addition to its great looks. The uniqueness of this spotlight is the daytime running light, here you can choose between white or amber light. In addition, the lamp is equipped with the best materials such as the impact-resistant polycarbonate lens and the robust housing with adjustable mounting base. The spotlight has an IP value of IP69K and is therefore resistant to high-pressure spraying. The electronics are equipped with ETM, this thermal management system regulates the internal heat development. This system contributes to the long life of the LED spotlight. The EMC interference suppression (ECE-R10) is also of high value, as the beamers are often placed high in the cabin where many electronics including the radio are located. A good EMC suppression is therefore an absolute must. With The Infinity you will not experience EMC problems.

Plus points:

+ Choice of white or amber daytime running lights

+ ECE-R112 & ECE-R7 certified (excl. the amber marker light)

+ Equipped with 3m. connection cable with a Deutsch connector

+ Perfect light pattern thanks to RFT lens technology

+ Also available in a chrome version

+ Besides this oval version, Tralert also offers a round version, The Graveler series

Both The Infinity and The Graveler series are equipped with 3m. This cable has a 4-pin Deutsch connector on the lamp side and an open threaded end on the other side. A 4-pin Deutsch connector is placed 15 cm from the lamp and the 3m extension cable can be clicked onto this. This way you have a 100% reliable cabling up to the cabin and you avoid extra work by soldering and connecting loose cables.

We advise to use the extension cable with Deutsch connectors and not to cut off the connectors when connecting these LED Beamers. In addition, we recommend the use of a relay to handle the heavy load. If you have any questions about the connection, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

LED Jumbo Ljóskastari

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