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Málmsteypa - Lekir olíutankar, ofnar, vatnskassar o.fl. Fyrir heimili og iðnað


  • • Metal repair compound for an extra strong hold: Small holes, leaks, or weak seams can be repaired with the super-adhesive sealing paste. After a few hours, the repaired spot is nearly as hard as steel. 
    • Easy to use: The multi-functional metal repair modelling compound for gluing, filling, and sealing is easily processed and flexibly adapts to every shape. Additional car tools are not necessary.
    • Universally usable: The two-component epoxy repair filling compound is ideal for repairing fuel tanks, coolers, heaters, metal tubs, and much more. Afterwards, the processed parts can be drilled, sanded, and polished.
    • An affordable alternative to a new expensive purchase: The ready-to-use, spreadable sealing material from the ATG metal repair kit is suitable for both dry and wet surfaces and is therefore resistant to water, gasoline, oil, etc.
    • Save time and money with the do it yourself sealant set: The special modelling material for metal included in the Smart Repair package helps you repair damaged parts or strengthen weak connecting points like the pros, without welding and soldering.

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