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Tveggja þátta lím með einstaka bindingu. Eitthvað sem allir ættu að

eiga í verkfæratöskunni

Ofurlím - Tveggja þátta

  • • Strong binding within seconds: With the help of this new binding material, you can easily and incredibly firmly glue aluminum, metal, plastic, ceramics, wood, porcelain, and much more.
    • Adhesive technology of the latest generation: Cracks as well as holes can be filled or repaired with the extra-adhesive powder. These areas can then immediately be filled, drilled, polished, or lacquered. 
    • The adhesive revolution by ATG: generates a type of welding seam in connection with an extremely adhesive powder (in the colors black, gray, or clear, depending on the set) and hereby ensures additional support for repairs.
    • Gluing and welding: The combination of superglue and extremely adhesive powder is versatile and belongs in every tool box. This DIY method will save you time and a lot of money.
    • Extreme adhesion for an extremely strong hold: The instant glue cyanoacrylate can also be used on its own and offers super strong adhesion in just 7 seconds. It works up to a temperature of about 150 degrees, without rusting.

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