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Hljóðlát og vönduð olíumiðstöð sem hefur margsannað sig hjá íslenskum smábátaeigendum.

Olíumiðstöð - Wallas 30DT

  • Quiet diesel heat

    The 3 kW diesel heater is remarkably silent running at full power: the sound level is similar to a quiet conversation.

    Thanks to the laminar burn process, there is no audible noise, allowing the boat next to yours to enjoy the silence of nature.

    The power consumption is very low compared to the air volume capacity. This makes the Wallas 30Dt  an excellent choice for sailing boats up to 12 meters.


    Durable, brushless blower motors assure long lifetime and minimizes the sound level. 


    A Wallas 30 Dt can be installed into a diesel engine compartment or lazarette. With the help of two air inlets, you can get both fresh air circulation and strengthen the heating effect. By taking fresh air from outside and cabin air from inside you can blend the makeup air for an ideal mix.

    Wallas Remote Control allows you to heat up your boat remotely.

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