Wallas 40cc er frábær olíuofn sem hentar 60-90 fm rými. Möguleiki er á stýringum sem bjóða upp á tengingar við síma og/eða önnur snjalltæki en slíkt hentar t.d. þeim sem vilja setja hita af stað áður enn mætt er í sumarbústaðinn.

Olíumiðstöð - Wallas 40cc olíuofn

  • The Wallas 40CC heater is ideal for heating a space of approx. 60-90 m2. The temperature range is from 1600 to 4000 W, and the temperature can be adjusted by using an automatic inbuilt room thermostat.

    Thanks to the laminar burn process, the heater is environmentally very friendly and silent in operation.


    Preheat your cottage

    • Enter into your warm, cosy cottage. Wallas is easy to operate from your phone touch screen, pad, or computer –which ever suits best for you.
    • Preheating is possible by the help of Wallas Remote Control System 4430