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Speglalím frá ATG - Auðvelt og fljótlegt í notkun

Álfelgu viðgerðarefni

  • • Easy repairs of surface damages for a perfect result: Quickly and easily mend optical defects such as scrapes, curb scuffs, stress marks, and small falling rocks with the aluminum rim repair set. 
    • Affordable alternative to an expensive new purchase: Through the DIY special repair filling, your damaged rims will shine again in new splendor. You may even be able to save possible back payments for leasing vehicles.
    • Repairs in professional workshop quality: The malleable repair compound with touch-up stick, the rim care set, is suitable for aluminum and steel rims of all types of vehicles (rim can remain mounted during the repairs).
    • Automobile accessories set for restoration, reproduction, and value retention of your car: The aluminum rim repair kit is heat-resistant up to 130° C as well as vibration- and car wash-proof, for up to 10 damage repairs.
    • High-quality aluminum rim treatment for optical defects: The practical aluminum silver-metallic touch-up stick provides the glossy finish for every car rim repair (use of your car manufacturer’s original touch-up stick is possible).

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