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Svart litarefni - Hentar við fjölmörg tækifæri t.d. á upplitaða svarta stuðara

og margt annað eins og myndirnar hér í kring gefa til kynna.

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  • The color renewal for plastic and vinyl tops or plastic tarps

    Heavily weathered and or faded tops and or convertibles. This must not be! "Perfect Color" convertible top paint,
    the color renewal for plastic tops, that creates a rapid and instant solution.

    "Perfect Color" from ATG: colors, maintains, is durable, flexible (elastic), abrasion resistant, value enhancing, environmentally friendly, plastic keeps smooth and prevents brittleness.
    No ordinary plastic paint - unlike any other paint or varnish that settle only on plastic surface, Perfect Color penetrates the color pigments in the surface structure of all plastic material and binds itselve to it. The original structure of the plastic remains then fully intact.
    Even for a color change, eg anthracite or beige in to black or another color, is "Perfect Color" convertible top dye best suited.
    For pre-cleaning, we recommend the use of our product "CF001US Convertible Top Cleaner".


    Not suitable for fabric or velour covers.


    Special Features:

    • colors
    • durable
    • protects
    • maintains
    • waterproof
    • impregnates
    • car wash-resistant
    • abrasion-resistant
    • increase added value
    • holds the plastic supple
    • environmentally friendly
    • protects against brittleness
    • value-preserving and adding value
    • permanently by entering the plastic


    • 1 x round sponge
    • 1 x detailed instructions ( English | French | Italian | Spanish | German )
    • 1 x tube of color concentrate ( enough for about 1,5sqm )


    • PVC
    • leather
    • vinyl
    • leatherette
    • soft plastic
    • hard plastics
    • same material surfaces


    • Vinyl-Top
    • Hard-Top
    • Plastic canopy
    • Plastic Headliner
    • Plastic folding soft top
    • Artificial leater (eg cover)
    • same material surfaces

    Available colours:

    • ATG037 WHITE
    • ATG47 BLACK

    Applications: Home - Furniture - Camping...

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