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Speglalím frá ATG - Auðvelt og fljótlegt í notkun

ATG - Speglalím

SKU: 364215376135191
  • • Super-adhesive rearview mirror glue for permanent installation: In combination with the activator, the very strong special adhesive ensures the perfect connection between windshield and metal support plate in the car’s interior. 
    • Easy and uncomplicated to use: The liquid adhesive material included in the interior mirror adhesive set is easy to process, thereby not only upgrading your car, but also making it safe for traffic.
    • The ATG bonding agent – brings together what belongs together: If your car’s rearview mirror has fallen down, you can reattach it to the vehicle’s windscreen with the DIY interior mirror adhesive set.
    • Save time and money with the glass and metal adhesive: If the car mirror has lost its hold, you can patch it up yourself, expertly and in workshop-quality, using the rear mirror adhesive set and the Smart Repair method.
    • Easy assembly for the highest security in road traffic, at any time of the year: In just a few steps, you can connect the mirror foot with the interior glass and even save on possible back payments for leasing vehicles.

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